Examinations and Consultation

New Patient/ Extensive Clinical Examination£45
6 Monthly Examination£ 30
Emergency Examination/ Consultation£120 per hour


Digital X-Ray£10
Intraoral Photos£10


Scale and polish 20 minutes£40
Extensive scale and polish 30 minutes£60
Deep cleaning under local anaesthetic£120 per hour

Gum Disease Treatment

By the Dentist£180 per hour
Bone regeneration therapyfrom £700


Composite fillings£80 - £200
Glass Ionomer fillingsfrom £85

Root Canal Treatment

  • Final restorations (crown or filling) are charged extra.
  • Normally charged on a time basis with typical prices as follows:
Incisors/ Canines/ single-rooted teeth£250
Premolar or double-rooted teeth£300
Instrument fee£50

Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, Bridges

Tooth-coloured crownfrom £450
Porcelain veneerfrom £600
Bridges£450 per unit
Maryland bridges£300 per unit
Re-cement crown or inlayfrom £75
Gold crownfrom £500
Gold inlayfrom £400
Post/core for crownsfrom £150
Basic core£90


Full/ full acryllic denturefrom £1000
Full upper or lower acrylicfrom £600
Addition of chrome insert to acrylic denture£120
Chrome upper or lower denture£1100
Addition of tooth to denture£150
Addition of clasp to denture£100
Repair crack/fracture£100

Extractions, Oral Surgery

  • Please be aware that fees may increase should an apparently routine extraction culminate in a surgical removal
Routine extraction£80 to 160
Surgical extraction£150 to 300
Wisdom toothup to £300