Nervous Patient Programmes

  • We have many patients who started off being very nervous indeed who now require no special help other than our usual gentleness and courtesy.

  • We will not expect you to run before you can walk so typically the first active treatment would be something simple and short.

  • Medication:For more complex or lengthy procedures we offer a “ Chill Pill” . This is an advanced anxiety reducing medication which is extremely safe, enables you to remember everything and retain all your normal reflexes. Typically we advise you to take 1 pill the night before treatment to establish your sensitivity and then take upto 3 pills 1 hour before your appointment.

  • Hypnotherapy: For seriously phobic patients who find it difficult to walk through the front door , a few sessions with a clinical Hypnotherapist can be a life changer. Some people even combine it with another problem such as smoking . This is referred out of the clinic.